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Mountain Madness Soap Co - Bar Soap Varieties
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Mountain Madness Soap Co - Bar Soap Varieties
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.63 with

Product Details

Blackberry Jasmine Sweet, floral jasmine paired with ripe blackberries makes up this heavenly scent. Enjoy the scrub in this bar from cranberry seeds.

Our 'Clove' soap is warm, comforting and spicy. Made with organic clove oil and ground cinnamon this bar is as traditional as it gets.

Our 'Dog Shampoo Bar' is loved my many of our customers. We use an essential oil blend of tea tree (a natural antiseptic for dry skin or hot spots), peppermint for odor and citronella for fleas and ticks.

A customer favorite our Goddess soap will seduce you with the warm scents of amber, vanilla, and chocolate.

Green Thumb A perennial favorite scented with spunky spearmint and clean grapefruit, our 'Green Thumb' bar will wash away the garden dirt using the gentle exfoliating power of poppy seeds.

Our 'Happy Birthday' bar is cute and sweet - scented with vanilla it looks good enough to eat. Wish someone a happy day, it’s a slice of cake with zero guilt.

Center yourself with our beautiful 'Harmony' soap.  Scented with jasmine & coconut, the bar also contains activated charcoal which is known to draw out impurities, Om......

Huckleberry Lemonade - An eye-catching bar scented with the sweetness of huckleberry and the fresh, tart scent of lemon, it is hard to keep this one in stock.  It's a particular favorite during the hot, summer months.

Lavender Scented with lavender essential oil and filled with fresh lavender buds, it is grounding and calming- everything you want from this classic favorite.

Lemon Peel This bar looks like a delicious slice of lemon pound cake. It’s simple and fresh, a perfect choice for lemon lovers.

Our 'Lilacs In Bloom' soap is scented with lilac oil and smells just like a blooming lilac bush. We can't keep the bees off this bar!

Everyone's favorite, our 'Oatmeal, Milk & Honey' soap is warm and fresh.  It contains oatmeal which is soothing for the skin with a scent that has a wide appeal.

Our 'Peace & Patchouli' soap is a blend of spicy patchouli and is complemented with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine.

Our 'Rise & Shine, Clementine' soap bar is colored with infused annatto seeds and is scented with pure clementine essential oil.

Our 'Salty Sea Air' soap has notes and fresh rain mingled with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.

Our 'Sandalwood' bar is made with a essential oil and plant-based fragrance oil blend. We also stamped the bar with an Asian character which means prosperity. A strong, woody smell that men and women adore.

Our 'Oh, My Stuffy Nose' soap is made with an essential oil blend including tea tree & eucalyptus . We also added menthol crystals that will slowly dissolve with use. This bar is great for colds and stuffy noses.

Our 'Sweet Bee' soap is made with mango and honey fragrance oils. It also contains a generous amount of calendula petals, which is known to soothe the skin.